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The Local Internet Archive Reconnaissance (LIAR) is the Swiss Army Knife of capturing online and offline content. OSINT LIAR is the next generation multi-browser extension for capturing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Publicly Available Intelligence (PAI) in real time.


One such tool that captures online content and stores it encrypted on your local computer is called “OSINT LIAR”. OSINT LIAR is a self-hosted solution that can be used to create a personal web archive of all your online or offline content. It allows you to capture web pages, PDFs, images, video, audio and more. Save them locally on your computer. The content is stored in a structured, searchable format, and can be accessed offline at any time.

OSINT LIAR encrypts the content before storing it on your local machine, so it remains secure and protected from unauthorized access. This is done using industry-standard encryption algorithms such as AES-256, ensuring that only you have access to your archive. In addition, OSINT LIAR can be configured to connect to third party services to increase the breadth and depth of your archive. 

Another feature of OSINT LIAR is that it allows you to share your archive with others, without compromising the security of the stored content. You can generate a zip file that can be exported to others. This can be particularly useful for sharing research or reference material with colleagues or collaborators, without having to share the original source material.

Overall, OSINT LIAR is a powerful and flexible tool for capturing and archiving online content, with strong encryption and security features to protect your data. It is an ideal solution for anyone who needs to store and access web content offline, whether for personal or professional use.

How does LIAR work?

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Target Market

OSINT LIAR is built for

Market Researcher

OSINT LIAR is invaluable for market researchers as it provides a wealth of publicly available information that can significantly enhance their understanding of the market landscape. By utilizing OSINT LIAR, market researchers can gather insights on consumer behavior, competitor strategies, industry trends, and customer sentiments, among other critical factors. This information can aid in identifying emerging market opportunities, assessing competitive positioning, and making informed decisions to drive business growth.


Journalists rely on OSINT LIAR to corroborate information and fact-check sources. By cross-referencing data from multiple open sources, journalists can ensure the accuracy and credibility of their reporting. OSINT LIAR also enables journalists to uncover hidden connections, track social media discussions, and monitor public sentiment around specific topics, through its discovery plugins and lagoon services. This information can provide valuable context to stories, shed light on emerging trends, and expose misinformation or disinformation campaigns. Additionally, OSINT tools and techniques help journalists in investigative reporting, allowing them to uncover documents, financial records, and other publicly available evidence that may reveal corruption, wrongdoing, or other important stories that need to be brought to the public’s attention.

Cyber Security

OSINT LIAR plays a crucial role in cybersecurity by providing valuable insights and information that can enhance threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment, and incident response, through it discovery plugins and built in analysis tools. It enables cybersecurity professionals to gather publicly available data from various sources such as websites, social media platforms, forums, and online communities. By leveraging OSINT LIAR, they can monitor potential threats, identify vulnerabilities, and stay ahead of cybercriminals.

Intelligence Analysts

OSINT LIAR is an essential tool for intelligence analysts, enabling them to capture a wide range of publicly available information, validate data, and gain valuable insights. It enhances the intelligence analysis process by providing a broader perspective, facilitating real-time monitoring, and supporting the identification of patterns and trends. By using OSINT LIAR effectively, intelligence analysts can produce more accurate, comprehensive, and timely assessments, ultimately contributing to informed decision-making and effective intelligence operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it can be customized through the use of discovery plugins , analysis tool plugins and external lagoon services. Discovery and Analysis Tool plugins can be readily downloaded or shared among users. They can be created within OSINT LIAR or provided by a third party vendor. Lagoon’s are external sites that the user approves access too, in order to enrich and share captured data. 

OSINT LIAR imports and exports data sets using a non-proprietary format. This allows 3rd party developers to easily create custom data transfer systems to share data. The import and export files can be opened on any computer without the need for OSINT LIAR.

Subscriptions are yearly. You will receive an email prior to renewal.

All digital products can be downloaded immediately upon purchase and all sales are final. Shortly, after purchasing the software you will receive an email with your Api key, which you need to properly register the software.

Windows 10+ 64-bit or newer 4 GB RAM 


Modern Linux 64-bit with 2GB RAM 

One of the following web browsers:

Google Chrome (preferred)
Internet Explorer


  • Modern CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • SSD Harddrive

Does OSINT LIAR connect to any computers besides my own?
Yes, OSINT LIAR connects to the registration server periodically to validate the software license. Additionally, it does connect with the Origin Api Permissions service. This service is essential in protecting your data by validating the authenticity of a lagoon.

OSINT LIAR does not store “your” data in the cloud. “Your” data is safely stored on “your” desktop, in an encrypted database. 

OSINT LIAR was built using Google’s manifest version 3. Manifest version 3 is more secure and performant, and offers better privacy.

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