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OSINT LIAR 1.5.0 Release

We are proud to announce the release of OSINT LIAR 1.5.0. This release is packed with features:

  • OSINT LIAR is free for personal or for use by non-profits
  • Usage no longer requires an API key, when using it for personal use
  • Audit logging was added to track changes when captures are shared between people
  • Improved Integration with existing OSINT Tools
  • Created a Discovery Plugin repository for extending the functionality of OSINT LIAR
  • Fixed bugs in the Origin Permissions Access controls
  • Fixed bugs with single access requests
  • Improved text search algorithm
  • Simplified the install process

Security Scans

OSINT LIAR is submitted to Virus Total on each build. To view the analysis by Virus Total go to

We always recommend scanning all exes for malware or viruses. 

To try it out, download the Chrome Extension from

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